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Operational Model


FAVeR operates as an unincorporated joint venture, with members' participation noted through the signing of a collaboration agreement. The collaboration agreement nominates a lead agency who is responsible for financial and other relevant record keeping (e.g. contracts with consultants). The lead organisation rotates every two-three years and is democratically elected by all members of the Federation. Being the lead organisation does not confer any other rights, obligations or privileges.


Federation membership is limited to Victorian universities. Current members are:

  • Deakin University
  • Federation University Australia
  • La Trobe University
  • Monash University (lead agency)
  • RMIT University
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • University of Melbourne
  • Victoria University
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Although they are not members per se representatives from the Victorian Government department responsible for innovation and research (currently the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions) will be invited to attend meetings and events.

Each member is required to make cash and in-kind contributions to the operation of FAVeR.

Federation Management

Overseen by the Steering Group, a Business Manager performs the secretariat function and the daily activities of the Federation, employed on a consultancy basis.

Federation Governance

The Federation has a multi-part governance structure, including a secretariat, Steering Group and Members.


The Business Manager performs the secretariat function and therefore undertakes and coordinates most (if not all) of the activities of FAVeR, including supporting committees, sub-committees and the Steering Group.

Steering Group

Each member of the Federation has one representative for the Steering Group along with at least one alternate. Recognising most members will have wide-ranging eResearch activities, members are encouraged to select a representative most able to understand all relevant eResearch activities of the member organisation. The Federation Steering Group meets once per quarter and sets the broad direction of FAVeR. Their knowledge of the state, national and international eResearch landscape will ensure FAVeR remains relevant to members in all three contexts.

Specialist Working Groups and Projects

Specialist Working Groups and Projects are established to address specific issues the Steering Group is unable to address on their own. These Specialist Working Groups and Projects have terms of reference (including an end-date), are supported by the Business Manager, elect a Chairperson or Project Champion and report on their activities to the Steering Group. To the extent necessary and appropriate, the Specialist Working Groups and Projects include members outside FAVeR.