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What is eResearch?

There are many definitions of eResearch in use across the web as well as within the discipline itself.

The following was adapted from a number of Australian-based eResearch initiatives and Wikipedia, built on by the reference group that supported early development activities and finalised as part of creating the FAVeR implementation plan (2014).

eResearchThe term eResearch is used broadly to describe activities that make use of advanced information and communication technologies to transform research efforts. Thus, eResearch can be applied to all research disciplines and is not limited to those with a specific affiliation to certain types of computing. The transformative nature of eResearch enhances existing research and research training practices, accelerates research processes and workflows and enables new kinds of research processes as well as strengthening the nexus between research, research training, teaching and learning. eResearch falls in the remit not of IT Services/enterprise IT – it is not a service. Rather, it sits with healthy tensions between researchers and technologies; and between faculties (because of the research domain transformed), the DVCR (because of transformation, strategy and central investment), the library (because of information and data), and the IT Service division (because of infrastructures and technologies).

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