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Access to infrastructure – models that scale

This project aims to make accessing eResearch infrastructure easy for all Victorian researchers no matter their background, discipline, eResearch expertise or employing organisation.

Infrastructure is variably distributed across the state and across organisations. It is clear that there is spare capacity and spare capability that could be shared within and across FAVeR members. However, there is no clear mechanism, approach or infrastructure to facilitate sharing. Any sharing that does take place is usually ad hoc and built on personal relationships. There are no central repositories of infrastructure, nor is there an agreed approach to sharing.

Work to date has primarily involved scoping studies, investigating existing models of infrastructure sharing.

These activities have identified ARIN (www.arin.org) as the most suitable model to implement across the FAVeR membership.

Further participation

If you would like to be involved with or make a contribution to this project, please contact the Project Champions – Christopher McAveny or Alex Skevofylakas or the Project Officer – Richard Huysmans.