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Advancing the professionalisation of our eResearch workforce

Activity summary

The purpose of this activity is to create a white paper that clarifies the roles within the eResearch workforce. This paper will include the following:

  • Scope and categorisation of eResearch roles.
  • List of roles, including high-level position descriptions for each role.
  • Career paths, as links between roles.

Why is this important?

  • It aligns with key activities in the broader eResearch community.
  • It provides clarity on career development for staff at member organisations.
  • It will help all member organisations understand the scope of the eResearch workforce.

This activity aligns with FAVeR’s mission statement because:

  • It supports capacity and capability building for all organisations.

FAVeR is leading this activity because:

  • It provides a forum for collective Victorian thinking.
  • It provides a medium to express aspects of this problem that are uniquely and distinctly Victorian, and ensures that Victoria has a voice as the national agenda evolves.
  • It advocates for our research communities.
  • It promotes collaboration across members organisations.
  • It strengthens the relationship between research and infrastructure across Victoria.

Previous Work

A ‘Birds of a Feather’ session was held at eResearch Australasia 2018 called ‘Roles for eResearch’. The goal was to model a large number of unique position titles, by classifying, aggregating and relating the roles of eResearch. 

A two day event was held in the middle of 2019 to focus on the development of the digitally skilled workforce, essential for research in the 21st century. This workforce was defined as both the researchers who use these digital skills and the professional staff that support these skills.

Current activities

  • Convening a working group
  • Draft, review and finalise a white paper

Further participation

If you would like to be involved with or make a contribution to this project, please contact the Project Officer – Richard Huysmans.